TINY HANDZ presents you with basic South African Sign Language training for:

Parents, Family members, and Caregivers of hearing babies and toddlers.

Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, Therapists, and those involved with toddlers, young children, or adults within the special needs spectrum.

Social workers dealing with special needs or specific cases.

Caregivers and Medical Personnel work with patients (young or old) who have lost their speech (short or long term) due to medical conditions or procedures.

Churches, Organisations, and Companies want to learn SA Sign Language in order to communicate with Deaf or Hard-of-hearing employees or customers.

The first Tiny Handz Training Program was put together in 2008 by the mother of a Deaf child, who has experienced the challenges of little communication with her disabled son, and who has discovered a whole new world with the use of hands and facial expression being the only tool for means of communication. The use of SASL would eventually lead to her son being fully verbal and today he is functioning within his hearing environment.


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