30-Day Online Training


Introduction to our 4-Week ASL Classes - American Society for Deaf Children

If you have peeked at our TRAINING section on this website, you will have seen that this is one of 3 training options. This option gives you the opportunity to complete the full training in your own time and space on our Moodle Training Platform! We are proud to provide you with this exclusive training (a first in South Africa) where you can learn SA Sign Language in the comfort of your own home or office!

In the online training, the SAME CONTENT applies as would in our physical group training and it is even more simplified; allowing you to learn signs in various easy categories like Food, Animals, Colour, Emotions, Action, Leisure etc by viewing each sign individually in a short, easy-to-watch video. Remember: all of this is done at your own pace! You will also have the opportunity to practice that which you have learned through Exercise Videos in-between the categories and small, easy assignments to test yourself in a fun manner!


  • You can access the course from your office or home as long as you have a computer and internet (and of course a data package of some kind to open and view the videos. No videos need to be downloaded)
  • You can work through each video in your own time in the comfort of your space.
  • The videos are easy to watch, and you get to do exercises with the tutor in-between as well.
  • You can order poster material to have/keep with you as you work through the material and for reference afterward, but the choice is completely yours. (You don’t need it, to do the training.) The Manual you will need to work alongside will be sent to you with your log-in details. This is included in the training price as seen on the Application form.
  • You receive a secure Username and Password for your personal use and log in.
  • You can start the training ANY DAY YOU WISH!
  • You just need a computer or laptop and Internet Access to watch the many (short) fun-filled videos, which is especially great if you are working full-time/part-time or in-between work and taking care of the family. ;*)
  • You can contact the training provider via messaging on the Moodle training platform at any time!

THE POSTER MATERIAL (Posters are not compulsory for you to do this training, but optional)

Material will be made available digitally as per your selection on the application form.

Please note that all material provided digitally or in carbon copy is copyright protected and duplication or distribution of the material, without the Companies consent is, prohibited.

Please complete the material declaration form to acknowledge the above-mentioned copyright agreement before accessing the digital material. This consent form can be sent with your application (only if you did choose the option of having poster materials in your registration form).

Online Training Application Form:

Material Declaration Form:

If you are already registered for the 30-day online training, Click Here to gain access to the Online Training Access.